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Beware! These situations prevent you from losing weight

Here are some of the situations that may ruin your diet plan and prevent you from losing weight:

– Being unable to stop eating before you finish the whole chocolate bar, or the whole pack of biscuits, or the full bag of chips and being unable to set them aside or throw them so that to avoid any future temptation.

– Being obsessed with weight loss, weigh 2 or 3 times a day, not counting, counting calories every bite, weigh all the fear of losing control and food does not get there to lose weight.

– Stuffing your cupboard with foods called “triggering” or “appetizers” and assume that these are only for your guests or kids. However, their presence at hand becomes unsustainable and so desirable, especially in times of stress or strong craving.

– Blaming yourself and considering that your diet plan has failed and that all is lost just because you consumed any type of food, even if it’s “light”, in excess or out of what’s permitted to you. As a result, you jump on food of all kinds (especially the forbidden types) and you decide to start the diet over the next day.

– Switching from one diet plan to another since the first one failed (it only made you lose 2 kilos) while the other one is more severe and it helped your friend lose 7 kilos.

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