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Is it true that white spots on nails are linked to calcium deficiency?

No. Although our mother or grandmother always associated the presence of white spots on nails to calcium deficiency, this is not true. Indeed, these little white spots that sometimes appear on our nails and which aesthetically hinder us reflect in most cases a deformity in the nail keratin layers which are irregularly superimposed and thus cause some lack of transparency in that spot. Also, such a deformity usually occurs spontaneously or following a nail trauma. It also disappears gradually with the development of that nail. Among the most frequent trauma associated to this case we cite: Intensive manicure sessions, repeated removal of cuticles, repetitive use of the nails as an “effective tool”, or simply a reaction to a shock that the nail received.

However, if ever it is found that these white spots last too long or multiply, it becomes then imperative to take the advice of a doctor so that he/she would rule out any medical problem or administer an adequate treatment. As for some possible causes engendering the multiplication or persistence of such white spots, we cite: A reaction to false nails, an allergy to nail polish or nail polish remover, a fungus or bacterial infection, a case of eczema, etc.

Finally, let’s recall that a balanced food plan in terms of nutrients and minerals is always beneficial for our health and therefore for the overall wellbeing of our hair, nails, etc.

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