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The Edamame, a brilliant source of high quality proteins

The delicious Edamame beans are actually fresh soybeans. They are known, grown and consumed in Asia for thousands of years already. The Japanese origin of the word “Edamame” means “beans on branch” since these green pods are picked with their small branches before maturity.

The Edamame beans belong to the group of legumes. What distinguishes them is the great amount of proteins that they contain and which exceeds the content of other legumes. And these proteins are known to be of high quality. The Edamame beans are also rich in vegetable origin iron and fibers. Furthermore, their content of phytoestrogens makes them an interesting food. Indeed, among all soy products, these fresh beans are the ones that contain the most of phytoestrogens. According to several studies, phytoestrogens are remarkable components for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

At the supermarket, it is common to find Edamame beans in the frozen vegetables section. Also, these beans are an ideal choice for a light, beneficial and delicious snack. You just need to boil them for 3 to 4 minutes so that they become ready to consume. For those interested in having a salty taste, they can add a pinch of salt.

Caution! People suffering from hypothyroidism or those at risk for breast cancer (or those who have already suffered from it) must consult their doctor about their intake of soy beans and all their derivatives.

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