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Broad beans… A beneficial food that’s a great help in weight loss

– Broad beans belong to the group of legumes. They contain complex carbohydrates which are slowly absorbed by the body and which provide us with a strong feeling of satiety. As such, consuming broad beans in moderate quantities, and as part of a well thought food plan, constitutes a catalyst for weight loss.
– It is also known that broad beans are low in fat and rich in vitamins (mainly vitamins B3, B5, B9, and C) and minerals (essentially potassium and phosphorus).
– Broad beans are also rich in iron. Thus, they help us fight fatigue and they provide us with a great amount of vigour and strength.
– This food is rich in vegetable proteins. Thus, when consumed during a meal that also includes some type of cereals, such as rice for example, it can be a good substitute for meat and this makes it an excellent choice for vegetarians.
– Broad beans help raise HDL (good cholesterol) blood levels. They are therefore beneficial to the health of the heart and arteries.
– Broad beans are very rich in fibres and this is what could make them useful for facilitating intestinal transit and for fighting some cases of constipation.
– Finally, it’s a must to note that people suffering from digestive or intestinal disorders should consult their doctor before consuming broad beans. Consuming such a food is also totally forbidden for people suffering from “favism”.

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