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True/False (Part 11)

Is it true that tomatoes are not recommended for those suffering from high uric acid levels in the blood?

FALSE… This wrong idea received on the negative relationship between tomatoes and uric acid is false since tomatoes have a very low content of purine and no medical or scientific study has proved such widespread assumption. As for people suffering from high levels of uric acid, it is recommended that they limit their consumption of purine-rich foods such as red meat, poultry, fish and seafood, liver, fermented cheeses, and alcohol, among others. Therefore, these people may very well enjoy the consumption of this type of vegetables with no problem at all, on the condition that this be a part of a healthy and balanced diet. This is of course unless otherwise directed by a doctor.

Is it true that men lose weight faster than women?

TRUE… Indeed, when it comes to dieting, it has been proven that women and men are not equal. As such, and as a general rule, it is true that men lose weight faster than women (“diet” champions) for several reasons, the main ones of which include: (1) due to men’s muscle mass which is more important than that of women – muscles require energy and thus allow faster burning of fat; (2) fat distribution differs according to sex – in general, fat accumulates in men around the abdomen (thus they are easier to eliminate) while it accumulates in women (before menopause) around the thighs and buttocks (thus, more difficult to eliminate); (3) men follow a much fewer number of “diets” than women and therefore, since they are not subjected to “repetitive diets”, they don’t fall into the same vicious circle as women which prevents them from losing their extra kilos and makes their body more resistant to weight loss.

They say that it’s advisable that people with high blood pressure avoid licorice and its derivatives. Is this true?

TRUE… As a fact, and according to various scientific sources (out of which, the FDA), it has been proven that the consumption of licorice and its derivatives plays a negative role on blood pressure levels. This is especially to be taken into account by hypertensive individuals. The reason for such a fact is as follows: Licorice contains a compound known as “glycyrrhizic acid” which can act on reducing potassium levels and promoting the retention of sodium and water in the body. Therefore, these two phenomena can increase blood pressure and promote heart rhythm disorders. Finally, let us not forget that it is always advisable for people with high blood pressure to consult their doctor who is the one to decide on their own case.

Is it true that sweet potato increases the level of sugar in the blood more than the potato?

FALSE… It is the opposite that’s true. Sweet potato increases the level of sugar in the blood in a much lower rate than potato. In addition, sweet potato has great nutritional values and is characterized by its various benefits to our health. This food is also known to be rich in starch, like potato, but it is the fact that sweet potato is rich in fibres which plays a role in absorbing sugar in a slower manner and in avoiding a significant increase in the level of sugar in the blood.

Is it true that milk contains more proteins than cheese?

FALSE… This statement is “False” and it is the contrary that is true. The content of proteins in cheeses is much higher (between 15 and 30% as an average) than in milk. We should also know that hard cheeses contain more proteins than soft cheeses. To give you some examples, we can name the following: Parmesan (35.7%), Emmenthal (29.4%), Camembert (21%), Roquefort (21%). Finally, let’s note that one of the rare cheeses low in proteins contains a little more than milk – we’re talking here about the mascarpone (3.5%).

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