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6 food types that lead to their excessive consumption

It happens sometimes that we keep on feeling hungry all day long and we keep on eating constantly, without really feeling satiated. But why do we feel such an abnormal hunger? And what drives us to consume so much food and remain hungry?

Indeed, there are some foods that, when consumed, “open” our appetite and push us to consume more of it without feeling satiated. Here are some of these foods:

– All kinds of foods made from white flour: Bread, French bread, pasta, etc. White flour is low in nutrients and is completely free from wheat bran, and therefore from all kinds of fibers. Its consumption raises the blood insulin level which in turn would give us that strong feeling of hunger.
– Some sushi types: Those stuffed with white rice and soaked in highly salty soy sauce. White rice causes the secretion of a large amount of insulin while the salty sauce leads us to drinking water. As a result, we should eat more to feel satiated.
– Juices: Even those called natural or fruit-based. Such juices, unfortunately, do not contain fibers that promote satiety and they contain too much sugar which is naturally present in fruits. These juices promote the excessive consumption of food.
– Chips and salty biscuits: These foods actually have no nutritional value. Their salty taste exalts us and makes us want to eat more. They often encourage us to seek the sweet taste and that’s how we end up in the “salt-sweet” vicious circle.
– Sweets and sweetened beverages (where sugar has been replaced with a sweetener). These foods contain many types of sweeteners which give us that sweet taste that will push you to consume large quantities of them. You will eventually feel like having real sugar and you will end up consuming other foods containing real sugar in order to stop your eating journey.
– Fast foods: They contain too much salt as well as saturated and hydrogenated oils, in addition to additives and flavor enhancers. Thus, their composition, presentation and exaggerated portion encourage us to keep on eating “till the end”.

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