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Losing weight requires adopting the Smart way of shopping

In order for us to enjoy food while keeping our goal of losing weight in mind, it is essential that we learn first how to do the shopping at the supermarket. This is an essential thing to consider. In fact, eating healthy means that the fridge and cupboards must be almost free of sweets, pastries and various other “good things” since we might not be able to resist their view at hand.

– Use a basket instead of the large trolley of the supermarket. Thus, you will notice that it will be filled faster.
– Avoid going to the supermarket with your credit card and take only the amount of money required for your essential purchases. By doing so, you would avoid all unnecessary temptations.
– Avoid buying “Special offer” products or discounted items so that you won’t feel obliged to consume the whole lot you purchased.
– Don’t buy ready-made meals (from chef X) or processed foods (sweetened cereals) or refined products (white bread).
– Make your shopping list according to the menu you’re following for losing weight (fish or canned tuna, chicken breast, lean meat, semi-skimmed or skimmed dairy products, fresh and frozen vegetables, fruits, spices).
– Don’t buy products that are only offered in “family package”. Go instead for products offered in small volumes or in individual bags.
– Reminder: Never go to the supermarket on an empty stomach.

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