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Latest news: It’s a hormone that makes that men lose weight easier than women

The scientific journal “Molecular Metabolism” has recently published a report stating that researchers from the University of Aberdeen in the UK and from the University of Michigan in the US have, again, declared that men and women are not alike in what relates to their weight loss and gain.

According to these researchers, this conclusion comes from the behavior of a hormone called “pro-opiomelanocortin (POMC)”. It is present in the brain and it is responsible for the difficulty experienced by women wishing to lose weight. This same hormone is also responsible for regulating the appetite, physical activity, energy expenditure and weight. However, it does not react in the same way in both cases of men and women.

After conducting studies about this hormone on mice, researchers found out that they were able to slow down the appetite of female mice through their intervention on the reaction of that hormone vis-à-vis the need for food. However, the effect was nil when it comes to energy expenditure and physical activity. This leads us to think that current treatments of obesity are capable of acting on the appetite of women but do not address the brain regions that control the physical activity and caloric expenditure. This is why women gain weight more easily than men and have more difficulty in losing weight than men as well.

Therefore, and thanks to this discovery, this team of scientists hopes to invent new treatments specifically aimed to fighting obesity.

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