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12 factors contributing to the appearance of cellulite

Cellulite, also called “orange peel”, is an unappealing physiological phenomenon that affects women almost exclusively (whether thin or overweight). We should note here that weight gain, and contrary to what some might think, is not responsible for the appearance of cellulite but it may make it more visible.

Furthermore, various studies have shown that the appearance of cellulite is influenced by several factors, mainly heredity, female hormones (estrogen and prolactin), food plans, and physical activity.

As such, here are some factors that trigger the onset or amplification of cellulite:
– Wearing tight clothes – These make it difficult for the blood to be easily pumped up to the heart.
– Staying long in one position, whether standing or sitting.
– Heat and hot baths – They promote the dilatation of the veins.
– Lack of hydration.
– Lack of physical activity – We should consider having regular physical activity which helps build muscles and improve the blood flow.
– Alcohol abuse – This promotes water retention and increases fat deposits in certain regions of our body.
– Smoking – Since nicotine corrupts the blood flow in small vessels and decreases tissue oxygenation.
– Taking certain medications – This is a question that should be always discussed with your doctor.
– The consumption of white sugar, various sweets and pastries – These foods contribute to the appearance of cellulite, knowing that they have no nutritional value.
– Excessive consumption of salt and salty foods – Ready to use sauces, industrial dishes, etc. cause water retention and poor blood circulation.
– Heavy consumption of fried foods – These foods are high in fat, usually saturated or processed, that our body accumulates thereafter.
– Excessive consumption of “fast foods” – These are generally harmful to our health and are full of salt, fat, refined ingredients and are devoid of fibers and vitamins.

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