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People tend

Latest news: People tend to eat more when they choose healthy foods!

Several recently published studies have shown that people tend to eat a larger portion when it’s a case of “healthy foods”. Also, and contrary to all expectations, such an attitude obviously leads to weight gain, whether we like it or not!

According to several studies conducted and reported by the AFP agency, foods labeled as “healthy” are perceived by consumers to be less satiating. Hence, people tend to eat more of such foods so that to satisfy their hunger and this would lead to the opposite effect to that intended… excess calories which promote weight gain.

In addition, researchers wanted to understand the relationship that could exist between feeling hungry and eating foods that are “good for health”. Thus, 3 of the cited researches reached the same conclusion: Consumers have the unspoken belief that healthy food does not satisfy their hunger like other “unhealthy” foods. Indeed, when a food is described as healthy, it will also provide the belief that we can eat more of it since it does not suffice to satiate us.

Therefore, and although we always recommend adopting a healthy food plan, the fact remains that the consumption of healthy foods should always be part of a balanced plan and should always be calculated according to the needs of each person.

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