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Latest news: What your father ate influenced your weight

According to a current study published on December 4th on the scientific website “Science Daily” based on a report appearing in the medical journal “Cell Metabolism”, a team of researchers from the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Basic Metabolic Research have collected an increasingly large amount of evidence that parents’ lifestyle and the environment they inhabit even long before they have children may influence the health of their descendants.

In fact, researchers have compared sperm cells from 13 thin men and 10 obese men. Based on this, they discovered that sperm cells in thin and obese men, respectively, possess different epigenetic marks which could alter the next generation’s appetite.

As such, and although it is still early to confirm such conclusions, the study tells us that what we do in life may have implications not only on our health but also on the health of our children and even our grandchildren.

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