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Frying oil… A few tips if you insist on using it!

Although I prefer and recommend cooking food by way of steaming or grilling or baking, rather than the frying method, I thought of proposing the following tips for those of us who use oil for frying food.

Whatever oil is chosen to prepare fried foods, provided that it is specially designed for frying, such oil should not be heated excessively since, in general, this degrades it further when it is heated for too long. Moreover, and this is essential, oil should never smoke as, by reaching such a stage, certain fatty acids would decompose and release toxic and irritating substances. Hence, we should immediately discard any oil that starts smoking.

On the other hand, if you wish to use the frying oil several times, here are some rules to follow and abide with:
– The oil should be well filtered after each fry (of course, after it becomes cold) so that to remove all remnants of charred foods that are still there.
– This oil must always be clear and of light color and it should in no case show foam on its surface.
– After each use, we should clean the skillet or saucepan and dry it thoroughly.

In general, if you fry your food in the proper way and by following the above rules, you can then use your frying oil for 4 to 5 times as a maximum.

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