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You’re dining at the restaurant? Here are 10 tips for not feeling guilty!!

1- Engage in all conversations taking place at the table. Also, lay down your fork and spoon between bites so that to have enough time to chew well. This will also prevent you from overeating while listening to your friends.

2- Whenever possible, try to be among the first to order. This will prevent you from being tempted by the “hearty” choices of your friends.

3- Avoid the restaurant’s “formula” or double portions or special offers. Just have the portion you really need and don’t listen to the waiter’s recommendations.

4- Substitute sugary soft drinks with sparkling water with lemon.

5- Choose cooking methods like baked, grilled or steamed. Also, ask that they reduce your portion of rice or potato to half, since restaurant portions are often very abundant.

6- Beware of salad dressings; these could, alone, make all the difference in terms of calories. Go for dressings instead of mayonnaise sauces.

7- Order your fish without sauce, but with just a squeeze of lemon, and order your meat with only a pinch of pepper, etc. In general, sauces are made with butter or cream. At least, you could this way know the true quality of the food you’re served!!

8- If you like sauces, order them aside. By doing so, you can add to your liking or you can even ignore them if they were not to your liking.

9- Prefer main dishes to salads. A main dish is much more balanced, less than a hearty salad which contains a lot of ingredients. Such main dish is also more satiating.

10- Substitute dessert with a piece of fruit or a portion of fat-free yogurt.

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