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Latest news: Men eat more when in the presence of women

Indeed… This has been scientifically proven. A group of Cornell University researchers has conducted a study in an Italian restaurant in the United States and they have succeeded in proving that men eat more in the presence of women: They consume some 93% more of pizza, as well as 86% more of salads! This would be a way for them to show to these ladies that they are healthy…

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These researchers wanted to know if men’s food habits would differ depending on whether they are eating with men or women. As such, they called upon some 105 adults aged between 18 and 81. Subsequently, it was announced to these people that they could consume as much pizza and salads as they wished. Result: Not only men did eat more in the presence of women, but they also consumed 93% more of pizza and 86% more of salads.

But what makes men adopt such an attitude? Well, it is for them a way to prove that they are healthy. That’s it! The idea for them would be to attract the attention of women by showing them that they are healthy enough to do things that may not be particularly good for health.

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