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What if I was suffering from bulimia!

To begin with, let me clarify that this article is only intended to define bulimia and should only be considered for informative purposes. Thus, it is always advisable that an in-depth discussion of a bulimia case should be conducted with a healthcare professional.

1- Bulimia is considered part of eating disorders and it mostly affects the female population.

2- Bulimia is a compulsive behavior vis-à-vis food; it is usually preceded by a feeling of anxiety or worry and not by a hunger sensation.

3- This behavior is characterized by a “loss of control” which is manifested by a rapid consumption of a large amount of food in a very short period of time.

4- A “bulimic” person is capable of “jumping” on any type of food that’s available or on food he/she considers as unhealthy or from which he/she is strictly deprives during “diet” periods.

5- A “bulimic” person can throw himself/herself on a high calorie food. He/she may eat alone and in secret. Such periods may be followed by forcible vomiting, by restrictive diets, by taking laxatives or diuretics in an abusive manner, by abdominal pain, by a need to sleep, by a physical hyperactivity, and also by a sensation of low self-esteem.

6- In general, the “bulimic” person suffers from weight fluctuations due to his/her alternation between periods of fasting and periods of binge eating.

7-Depending on the severity and frequency of “restless” periods, the “bulimic” person may have a normal weight, as well as he/she may be either skinny or obese.

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