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Latest news: Two new fibers to fight obesity

At the beginning of this month of November 2015, the “British Journal of Nutrition” published a study, conducted by a group of researchers in nutritional sciences from the universities of Jumonji, Nagoya and Nagasaki (Japan), during which they isolated two types of fibers from barley and oats. These are the resistant beta-glucans and the hydrogenated resistant beta-glucans. At the end of their study, researchers showed that these fibers had the advantage of reducing the feeling of hunger and of increasing bodily energy consumption. As such, we’re having here a new track opening in the fight against obesity.

The functioning principle of these fibers is the following: since these are non-digestible, some bacteria present in the intestine will do the work and convert these fibers into sugars which the body can assimilate. These sugars, released by these bacteria, have a renewed interest by comparison with the sugars produced by the intestine cells. Therefore, once the food intake is completed, the intestine releases the sugars which have been digested. However, when the intestine releases the sugars produced by the bacteria rather than by its own cells, nerve signals are sent to the brain. The latter then responds by decreasing the feeling of hunger, by increasing resting bodily energy consumption and by decreasing glucose production by the liver. Result: Weight is either reduced or, at least, stabilized.

For the time being, tests obtained by these researchers have been positive in terms of weight loss on rats. Other tests must be done on humans so that to help clarify the benefits of these fibers in the prevention of obesity but also of other diseases related to overeating, such as diabetes.

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