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Latest news: No more overweight for your children thanks to schools of the future

Do you fear that your children will ever have some excess weight? If so, stop worrying since a solution to this problem is already being put in practice in some American schools which have adopted a new educational model where children are always on the move. In fact, children in these schools are doing their calculation homework while jumping on a trampoline; they read while doing some cycling and they write while swinging. In these classrooms, there’s no question of forcing children to stay sitting for hours. This piece of news has been reported by Le Figaro on the 27th of October.

According to David Spurlock, coordinator of health, wellness and physical education in Charleston, in the US, he tells us in a recent video report released in the Washington Post: “What we do here is to show that increasing physical activity ensures the children acquire better grades, a better behavioral attitude and a healthier body”.

It all started a few years ago when it was announced that about a third of the children in South Carolina were obese. During that time, the children used to practice only 10 minutes of physical activity per day. Thus, Mr. Spurlock had the idea of setting up experimental classes in which some equipment was installed so that to allow students simultaneously make physical and intellectual activities. In these new classrooms, children can choose from a dozen of machines (exercise bikes, trampolines, treadmills, etc.) all fitted with brackets for accommodating books and notebooks. Even the desks are equipped with pedals, including that of the teacher.

And so, are we witnessing here a model of the schools of the future that are also concerned with our children’s health? Why not! In any case, what remains is to conduct scientific evaluations so that to assess the benefits or the potential risks of such innovative programs in order to ensure that their benefits dominate their misdeeds for our children.

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