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Latest news: Here’s why we have cravings

It happens to all of us sometimes that we feel an urgent need for nibbling between meals. Moreover, we find it almost impossible for us to resist such a temptation. And so, we pass in front of the kitchen cupboard… we grab a piece of cake or a pack of biscuits. We consume it partially, leave it aside and then… Impossible for us not to go back there and finish it… This is what we call real craving!

But what causes such a feeling? Well, the scientific journal “Obesity” has just published (last October 9) some news announcing that a group of scientists has discovered the origins of such uncontrollable cravings for sweet, salty or even fatty foods. In addition, they offer some advice on this issue.

Have a better sleep, you’ll end up eating less. Indeed, the researchers explain that those of us who sleep poorly are more attracted than others by “Junk Food”. This would make them get an average of 248 extra and useless calories per day! Also, it seems that it’s here a matter of chemistry: Fatigue, which is the result of a poor quality sleep, disrupts the proper functioning of leptins and ghrelins, two hormones responsible for the feeling of satiety.

Also, a hunger may just be a thirst, simply! Indeed. Our brain often mistakenly interprets the symptoms of hunger as those of thirst. Hence, we should start by drinking a big glass of water. It may be that your feeling of “hunger” would simply disappear. Finally, there are other factors that can also cause uncontrollable nibbling, such as eating hastily or while standing or watching TV, or during the menstrual period which disrupts our well-being…

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