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Latest news: What would you say of a pill that is a substitute to sport?

At the beginning of this month of October, the “Washington Post” published an article addressing this issue which caught the interest of various universities during recent months. Would it be possible for us to stay in shape without exercising? Well, it seems that this would be possible in a few years. The newspaper cited two studies that reported major advances in this domain. Researchers from the University of British Columbia (Canada) and the University of Sydney (Australia) have indeed recorded the different molecular changes (over a thousand) experienced by the muscle cells after an exercise session. Afterwards, they based their studies on such data in order to establish a platform that is necessary for the creation of a pill simulating the effects of sport on our body.

Is this a magical solution? Not at all. Indeed, we should not rejoice too much for the time being since such a pill won’t replace all the benefits acquired through physical activity. Hence, it cannot for example increase the heart rate or blood flow as with the practice of a sport. However, it will be of great help and a good advantage for those of us who are unable, and for various reasons, to practice any type of sport. Finally, and since such a pill is announced in principle for 2025, it will still take us some ten years before we could think of getting rid of our sports gear.

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