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5 hidden reasons that make us gain weight with age…

Have you noticed that you’re gaining weight with age? Are you dreaming of the weight you had when you were 20? Well, gaining weight with age is a reality… This can happen, unfortunately, for several hidden reasons. Here are a few.

1- Our weight depends on our genes. This is unfortunately true for some of us who are inclined to weight gain and who already suffered from excess weight at the age of 20. Such people must admit that they can still lose weight with age, but they may not have the body they have dreamed of.

2- Time promotes weight gain. It is normal that, with age, our physical activity would be declining and our muscle mass would be decreasing and this leads to a lower basic metabolism. Consequently, this generates the accumulation of some extra kilos over time.

3- Blame the estrogen! Indeed, around menopause time, our bodily shape changes due to the drop of estrogen. Therefore, it would be possible that we gain weight as a result of such physiological changes which are usually accompanied with a stressful situation and this pushes us to rush to food as a way to unwind.

4- Food deprivation makes us lose weight but… it would certainly fail to stabilize our new weight and, what’s worse, it would promote a weight regain. Why is that? It’s because after such period of deprivation, we usually tend to get back to eating in a compulsive way.

5- Focusing excessively on diet products. The fact of just buying such types of products is a big mistake to avoid. Indeed, it is not these products that will make you lose weight and it is not the “other” products that will make you gain weight. It is simply the excess consumption of any type of products that is to blame.

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