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Does drinking water excessively cause harm to our body?

Before answering this question, let’s talk first about the importance of water in our body. In addition to the fact that it’s the main constituent of our body, we should know that water makes about 65% of the weight of an adult person (over half of his/her weight!). On the other hand, since the body continuously eliminates water via urine, respiration (by way of expiration) and perspiration, it is therefore necessary for us to maintain the healthy status of our body by always compensating such loss of water through taking various kinds of fluids and through food. Therefore, we must never wait till we feel thirsty since the feeling of thirst is a mechanism by which our body warns us that it is in a state of dehydration. Moreover, dehydration affects negatively the functions of the brain and this leads to poor concentration, headache, etc.

Furthermore, our daily water needs vary on average between 1.5 and 2 liters and this quantity varies as well according to age, weight, physical activity, health status, external temperature, etc.

And now, let’s answer the initial question. Is it true that drinking water excessively may be harmful to our health? The answer is: YES! It has been scientifically proven that excessive intake of water (above the limit of 3 to 4 liters – except in special cases) may be actually harmful. This is particularly true when we drink the whole quantity in a short period of time, since such a case results in the dilution of the blood and disrupts the ability of our body to treat such an excessive quantity, particularly in normal temperature conditions.

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