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Want to lose weight? Stop thinking you’re fat!

Did you know that stress triggered by your “negative” appreciation of your body can be enough to push you to eat more and get fat? And did you know that people who don’t give any importance to their scale don’t have such a concern?

Indeed, a scientific study that was recently published in the “International Journal of Obesity” has confirmed such hypothesis since it has proved that people who “think” they are fat would be led to eat more and gain weight as a result of the stress triggered by such an idea. According to Dr. Eric Robinson of the University of Liverpool, the person who feels is in overweight becomes very stressed and this makes her choice of healthy habits more difficult to adopt. The announced results were the fruit of three studies conducted on 14000 adults in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Therefore, researchers point out that it is essential for us to reconsider the way we talk and consider overweight and obesity in our society. In fact, overweight people feel more pressure vis-à-vis their body image. And this is not surprising given the way we speak about weight (overweight and obesity). According to Dr. Robinson, what we should do is to encourage people to change their habits without making them feel anxious over their body image issue.

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