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Latest news: An ice cream that melts much slower.

Soon, we’ll have the opportunity to say “Goodbye” to that ice cream which melts rapidly on our fingers and clothing. In the future, we’ll be able to take our time enjoying our favorite ice cream. Indeed, the BBC has just reported (early September) that a number of British researchers have identified a protein that can be added to the ice cream recipe for the purpose of slowing its melting process. Furthermore, such a discovery will allow us to have an ice cream that’s smoother and which contains less fat and, thus, less calories.

As such, it has become very likely that within three to five years, the ice cream which we dream of enjoying slowly under the sun would become a reality. To explain such news, we should know that those British scientists have discovered a natural protein (named “BslA”) which is already present in many food products and which would be capable of binding air, water and fat contained in the frozen product so that to maintain its stability and enhance its smoothness. Hence, this protein adheres to the fat droplets and air bubbles and prevents the development of ice crystals. Finally, I guess that what’s most interesting for all of us is the fact that such ice cream would be characterized by a caloric intake that is lower than that in the ice cream we presently consume.

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