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Grapes… With or without pips? Which to choose?!!

1- Grapes are considered as a fruit that is higher in calories than other kinds of fruits (about 70 kcal/100 g). This fruit is also rich in sugars (17 g/100 g).

2- The essential feature that distinguishes grapes is their content in polyphenols, more specifically – resveratrol which is mainly present in large quantities in black grapes (as for white grapes, they contain such substance in just a small quantity). Also, resveratrol helps protect us against certain cancers, especially colon cancer (let’s note that we should chew the skin of this fruit to fully benefit from resveratrol). Also, quercetin, which is another type of polyphenol, is present in grapes and it is very beneficial for maintaining the health of the heart arteries.

3- In addition to being diuretic and detoxifying, grapes are an alkalizing fruit. Thus, they may well be efficient in protecting us against excess acidity.

4- It is already known that grapes are slightly laxative. This is due to their content of fructose and fibers. We should note as well that the content of fibers in such a fruit depends on the thickness of its skin and on the presence of pips. Thus, we conclude that pipless grapes are quite low in fibers.

5- Grapes are considered as a good source of B group vitamins (vitamins B1, B2, B3 mostly), in addition to vitamin PP. However, it is a fruit that has a low content in vitamin C. As for minerals, grapes provide us with sulfur, calcium, phosphorus, iron and potassium.

6- It is recommended that we eat grapes “as is” and that we chew the skin and pips adequately so that we make the most of their nutritional virtues. Let’s note here that this recommendation does not apply to people with fragile intestines or those suffering from bowel diseases and for whom the consumption of pip fruits is prohibited).

7- The physiological constitution of grapes makes their skin capable of retaining more chemical treatment residuals from the time of their cultivation than other fruits. Therefore, we should wash them thoroughly and fully rinse then under running drinking water.

8- At the time of purchase, we should go for grapes that are firm but ripe as well since this fruit won’t ripen further after being picked. Also, the stem should be firm and free of mold traces. Finally, let’s note that it is possible to keep grapes in the fridge for several days.

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