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Unusual news: Clothes for weight loss soon!

Imagine, dear friends, that it was recently announced (about two weeks ago) that it will soon be possible to lose weight without making any effort and simply by wearing “chilling” clothes to be marketed under the brand “Thin Ice”. The Canadian designers of this brand are currently raising funds on the Indiegogo financing platform for the purpose of manufacturing their products. They announced that these should be available by next December. Also, the people behind this brand claim that it would be possible for the person wearing their Thin Ice insoles (which are equipped with “chilling” chips) to burn up to 1000 calories a day and effortlessly. They claim that these insoles (coupled with a blouse) shall cool the body which, in order to warm up again, will burn a certain value of calories. These insoles would be capable of creating a metabolic shock which would help the body burn a large caloric mass per day.

Moreover, the creators of this product claim that it will be a great asset since it remains virtually invisible to the people around the person wearing it since the insoles are hidden inside the shoes and the inner blouse shall be worn under the usual clothes. The electronic chips would be powered by rechargeable batteries having an estimated life of six to eight hours for the blouse and four to eight hours for the insoles. They also announced that the blouses shall be available in all sizes for both men and women.

Still, what remains the most dangerous in my opinion is what Adam Paulin, the designer of Thin Ice, declared when he explained that his method is based on losing weight while continuing to eat whatever the person wants (no matter if it’s healthy food or not) and without making any physical movement. In addition, the most distressing in this story is that the creators of this product view the consumer are someone so vulnerable to food and who remains unable to control any of his or her eating habits.

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