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When it’s hot… Here’s what we can do!

1- Consume salt in reasonable quantities: Although it is essential to avoid excess salt and to completely avoid salty dishes which promote thirst and dehydration, we must keep on consuming a reasonable amount of salt since it lets us recover certain minerals wasted through heavy perspiration.

2- Don’t throw yourself on cold water: It’s true that cold water feels wonderful and refreshes us quickly, but it does not hydrate us further. Rather, the opposite is what will happen since our body would have to heat that water so that it reaches the normal body temperature of 37 degrees Celsius. Thus, the energy used in this task would warm the body as a fact and would not relieve our thirst.

3- Avoid “heavy” meals and “fatty” foods: Eating a large quantity of foods or too fatty foods leads to a longer digestion phase. As such, our body would use more energy to digest such heavy and/or fatty meals, which promotes the increase of the body’s temperature.

4. Limit the consumption of tea and coffee: Indeed, coffee and tea are diuretic drinks which increase the amount of urine and thus they favor the elimination of water. As a result, abusing in the consumption of such drinks would cause dehydration.

5. Beware of alcohol, it dehydrates you: It is advisable that you avoid all kinds of alcohol during such periods as not only it does not hydrate but it dehydrates as well.

6- Beware of sugary drinks: Admittedly, they cool you at first, but their sugar content requires a stronger insulin secretion which stimulates your thirst once again.

7- Neither hot foods nor hot drinks: We should prefer cold dishes and have lukewarm and not hot infusions. Thus, our body would not have to use its energy (and thus make us feel thirsty again) in order to eliminate the heat accumulated by hot dishes/beverages.

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