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Is it true that stupidity is now… curable?

This story relates to the development by German scientists of a medicine for the treatment of… stupidity. In fact, this piece of news is an “old one” (it dates from a few years ago) that was suddenly retransmitted during last week by a number of media sources. However, I thought I would share it with you today at the least for the sake of entertainment.

Indeed, a team of German scientists announced the development of a “unique” substance that would fight against certain diseases that afflict the human brain. According to these scientists, and after undertaking a series of experiments, it is now possible through this medicine to treat a number of types of human “stupidity”. As such, the researcher Hans-Hilger Ropers argues that “this medicine is able to stop the hyperactivity of certain groups of human nerve cells and can stabilize the work of the brain and improve thinking and concentration abilities”. Moreover, the concerned medical scientists hope that their findings would become a revolution in the field of medicine.

Nevertheless, and regardless of whether this medicine is truly “magical” for the treatment of stupidity, the mere fact that it can provide hope in the quest of improving memory cells activity and concentration skills is enough to expect seeing its “magical powers” against degenerative neurological diseases that gradually damage the cognitive functions of humans.

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