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Here’s how you can burn your calories…

As we all know, our body is in a constant need for energy in order function properly. We also know that any caloric intake that is in excess of our daily needs will be stored by the body. Therefore, the best way to eliminate such excess calories is by wasting them physically through a multitude of physical activities. Let us then see together, and in a comprehensive and approximate way, the types of activities which we could do every day (or almost) and the caloric values which we’ll burn by doing so.

However, and before listing such examples of activities, we must never forget that each of us is unique, and that the values of calories spent differ from one person to another according to age and his/her general condition, and such calorie consumption varies according to the practiced activity, its duration and intensity.

The following examples are expressed in kilocalories per hour (kcal/hour):

– Sleeping: 60 kcal/hour
– Sitting in the office: 100 kcal/hour

– Cooking: 120 kcal/hour
– Doing housework: 240 kcal/hour
– Vacuum cleaning: 200 kcal/hour

– Driving: 130 kcal/hour
– Shopping: 240 kcal/hour

– Walking slowly: 140 kcal/hour
– Walking at a normal pace: 180 kcal/hour
– Walk rapidly: 300 kcal/hour

– Playing tennis: 425 kcal/hour
– Swimming: 330 kcal/hour
– Rope jumping: 400 kcal/hour
– Horse riding: 400 kcal/hour
– Playing football: 700 kcal/hour
– Physical exercising (steps): 480 kcal/hour
– Doing aerobics: 500 kcal/hour
– Cycling: 400 kcal/hour

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