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Looking for types of foods that may help you lose weight?

Every time you feel like getting rid of a few kilos, and whatever food style or plan you choose, you can try to integrate a few of the foods I’m proposing below and which have the advantage of being either very low in calorie (so they limit your overall daily caloric intake), or a natural provider of a strong feeling of fullness (they help you resist temptation between meals and limit your cravings). This is of course in the case of healthy adults.

Oatmeal – In addition to being satiating and rich in vitamins and minerals, it slows down the absorption of fat and therefore plays a beneficial role in the regulation of cholesterol.

Mushrooms – These are good, nutritious yet very low in calories and an excellent source of fibres, vitamins and minerals.

Lentils – They are rich in proteins and fibres, they contain slowly absorbed carbohydrates and therefore they provide a strong sensation of satiety.

Hard egg – It satisfies us rapidly due to the proteins it contains and which are coagulated during cooking, a thing that makes them need a longer time to digest.

Whole almonds – When consumed in reasonable quantities, these are considered as a perfect snack to silence our hunger, in addition to requiring a good load of effort and chewing time.

Yogurt – This is a food rich in calcium and protein. In addition, it gives us the feeling of fullness without stuffing us with a lot of calories. Also, it contains good bacteria which contribute in preserving the good balance of intestinal flora.

Strawberries – Looking for something sweet? Why not prefer strawberries which are high in nutrients and low in calories.

Lettuce – This is the ideal vegetable for those watching their weight. Lettuce, which is very low in calories, gives you the feeling of fullness due to its high content of water and fibres.

Zucchini – This is a food that’s very low in calories (19 kcal/100 g). In addition, it plays a positive role in the elimination of bodily toxins.

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