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What if we were not responsible for our nibbling habits all day long?!

Imagine that this is what has just announced a group of researchers from Rutgers University (in the United States). In fact, the results of the study conducted by these researchers and published in the “Cell Reports” scientific journal show that “compulsive nibbling” is due to a hormone known by the code “GLP-1”. Is this revelation realistic? Is it true that our nibbling tendency is due to the reactions of a certain hormone?

If you ever feel that you can’t resist any more in front of a pack of sweets, a piece of cake or a delicious chocolate, (and therefore, in front of fatty and sugary foods) an action which would cost you an additional number of unnecessary calories, those researchers want you to know that this may be due to a glucagon-like peptide-1 level (GLP-1, a gut hormone) which is lower than its usual average.

Such findings obtained by these researchers were the result of tests they conducted on mice. According to Dr. Vincent Mirabella, lead author of the study, “mice that had a deficit in their GLP-1 level ate more calories than other mice; they were also easier attracted by fatty and sugary foods.” And he added: “We do know that the GLP-1 hormone is supposed to send satiety signals to the brains. So it is the one responsible for the regulation of our appetite. Also, we believe that this same hormone could have a relation with the addiction to drugs and narcotics.”

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