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To lose weight, we must not believe in “miracle” products

Once again, the French National Agency for the safety of medicines and health products (ANSM) is here to reaffirm the dangers to which we are exposed by way of taking any of those “miracle” products that promise us a perfectly slim body and the rapid loss of our excess kilos.

In fact, the new recently published annual report of the ANSM, which is the same agency that had earlier issued warnings against the use of such products and preparations of dubious origins, has added to its list the products sold on the Internet and which are often promoted as being safe and of unquestionable effects!!! Moreover, the new report revealed that these products do not generally undergo any inspections or controls and their ingredients list (if ever is it actually shown) is often blurred, and therefore dangerous.

The report also states that “all methods lacking any scientific basis, and the misuse of medicines not indicated for the treatment of overweight or obesity, or the purchase of health products from outside the legal circuit, expose the consumer to serious health risks and should be avoided. (…) These products which are presented as innocuous dietary supplements contain one or more active ingredients (sibutramine, phenolphthalein, fluoxetine) that are sometimes prohibited, and hidden from the product’s label”. Finally, the ANSM warned that the use of such substances may cause serious neuropsychiatric problems, as well as liver or heart diseases, which can even lead to death.

This being the case, we must once again repeat that there is no “miracle” product or method for losing weight. On the contrary, the only safe and beneficial way remains the adoption of a healthy food plan supported by an adequate and permanent physical activity. Finally, we should note that the treatment of overweight by drugs can only be decided by a physician who is solely responsible for determining the treatment to follow.

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