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Soon, the photo of your plate will tell you the calories it contains!

Certainly, Google will never cease surprising us! For the moment, you must retain this name: Im2Calories. This is the name of the new app from Google which is still in the research phase and which, according to Kevin Murphy – research scientist at the Google research center, would be one day capable of counting the calories contained in your plate. How? You just have to take a photo of your plate and the app will count the calories it contains.

According to the Guardian, which published this news during last month, Google began the process of developing a technology which estimates the number of calories contained in a plate by just taking a photo of it. This new project for which Google has already filed a patent application will rely on a series of algorithms taking into account, in particular, the depth of pixels. It also seems that the results so far are amazing according to Kevin Murphy who evokes a margin of error which does not exceed 20%!

In any case, we just have to wait for the launch of this application although, personally, I think it will essentially be a funny addition to our smartphone instead of being a true calorie calculator since, in my opinion, it will be difficult for it to count the calories contained in sauces, oils, etc.

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