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Warning!! Fast food can weaken our memory capacities!

If we would rely on a new study published on June 19, we would notice that eating too much fat foods can have adverse effects on our ability to memorize things and events. This was revealed by a new study conducted by scientists from the University of California and to which took part some 646 people. As such, that group of people was asked to read a hundred words scattered over a number of separate cards. Subsequently, they were presented a set of cards and were to declare if they had already seen them or not. Result: It was noted that people usually consuming too fatty foods got results that were worse than those adopting a more balanced nutritional plan. Also, it was noted that it was the Trans fatty acids (found mostly in a good number of biscuits, fast foods, hydrogenated vegetable oils, etc.) that were responsible for such a deficiency since they had the ability to curb the production of Omega 3 which are essential for the proper functioning of our brain.

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