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5 mistakes to avoid if you wish to lose weight

1- Following a “Standard” diet or a “Stars” diet – This is the first of the mistakes to avoid. Let’s pay attention to the fact that we should never follow any diet we’ve heard about through the media, or our friends or neighbors who claim it is indeed efficient and “Number One”. We are all different from each other and we don’t have the same nutritional needs or the same health status. It is therefore essential for us to adopt a food plan that is specifically designed for us. It is also necessary that we “listen” to our body and to know how to differentiate between “real” hunger and a simple distraction or emotional unwinding.

2- Following a restrictive diet – Just by starting a diet is not an easy thing, especially during the first days. When we follow a diet that imposes too many restrictions, we often feel hungry continuously. Hence, we will have a greater tendency to crack especially in front of sweets and such a fact would make us face an endless vicious circle.

3- Feeling hungry all day – Many people believe that they should always feel hungry in order to lose weight. Well, dear friends, in addition to what we’ve discussed about such a “hunger” under point (2), I’d like to say that to lose your few extra kilos, it is useless to put your body in such a situation which would further lead it to store fat in order to compensate for such a deprivation. You will soon realize such results the next time you check your scale where you’ll find that you’re weight hasn’t changed a bit.

4- Exercising in an excessive way would burn your fat – It’s a big mistake to think that it’s essential to exercise for 3 or 4 hours per day or to go for bodybuilding exercises along with your dieting. On the contrary, an intensive effort would further increase your hunger and appetite and excessive bodybuilding exercises can even make you gain weight. Therefore, you simply have to “move” a little more to burn such fat.

5- Skipping a meal – Our body is in continuous need of a supply of energy in order to function properly. It is true that when we talk calories, skipping one of the meals will make you save a few hundred calories. However, you should be aware that you’ll take them back quite easily during the next meal or during the rest of the day when you will feel a strong need to “recharge your batteries”.

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