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The “smart” patch, a promising invention for diabetics

Here are some good promising news for around 387 million people suffering from diabetes worldwide. According to a publication which appeared on June 23 in the “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences”, a group of American researchers have succeeded in testing an insulin injection in mice through an intelligent patch which is capable of detecting any increase in blood glucose and in injecting thereafter, and without pain, the adequate insulin dose needed. Such a transdermal patch is about the size of a coin which is covered with a hundred micro-needles of the size of an eyelash. These micro-needles are fitted with microscopic tanks containing glucose-sensitive enzymes as well as insulin that is injected if the detected glucose level in the blood is too high.

According to the scientists behind this invention, this patch could lower for nine hours the blood sugar level in laboratory mice having a form equivalent to type 1 diabetes or juvenile diabetes. In addition, the professor in the Biomedical engineering department at the State University of North Carolina, Gu Zhen, who is the lead author of this work, states that this patch is easy to use and is made of non-toxic and biocompatible materials. It is also worth noting that the concept of this patch, also useful for people with an advanced form of adult diabetes or type 2 diabetes, is based on the principle of stimulating the natural generators of insulin in the body, the beta cells of the pancreas, which act both as insulin factories and depositories. They also serve as warning tools whenever the level of glucose in the blood increases excessively, at the time of which they trigger insulin release accordingly.

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