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The melon, for a healthy skin and a lasting tan!

There’s no doubt that the melon, that delicious summer fruit by far, is a good option to enjoy on the beach or as a refreshing fruit desert at the end of meals. The melon is poor in calories and particularly concentrated in protective micronutrients. Among its various tasty shapes and colors, the best known melon type is the Charente Cantaloup which is distinguished by its sweet and perfumed flesh.

– First, let’s point out that the melon is rich in water (about 90%) and low in calories (35 to 50 kcal / 100 g, depending on the variety).
– In addition to containing vitamin C, the melon is rich in soluble fibres which are quite beneficial for an accelerated intestinal transit.
– This summer fruit is one of the favorites for maintaining a good night vision and for having a healthy and tanned skin thanks to the excellent amount of provitamin A or carotene which is essentially found in melons with orange flesh (2 mg / 100 g).
– The melon is known to be a diuretic due to its richness in potassium which helps remove excess water. This is mainly enjoyed by people suffering from the restless legs syndrome during summer time.
– Also, and since it brings us a good dose of potassium, the melon may be beneficial for preventing high blood pressure.
– As for those seeking a natural way to detoxify, the draining virtues of the melon will be a good choice for them.

On the other hand, we should always try to pick the heavy melon pieces that are free from cracks and which you could really feel their perfume (without exaggeration of course since this would then be a sign of over-ripeness). Once at home, and before consuming it, we should not forget to rub-clean the melon with a brush under running water. Once cut, it should be refrigerated within the next 2 hours as a maximum.

Tip: If you really don’t wish to have food in your refrigerator which smells the melon, remember to store the cut melon in a tightly closed container.

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