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Zumba helps you burn a good load of calories BUT…!

You have probably heard already of the famous Zumba dance… or you may have already practiced it yourself??? But what is it exactly and what are the limits of this fashionable sport that’s igniting our country as well as the whole of Europe and the US, especially with the approach of summer and the beach season? And what’s behind this fitness class mixed with rhythmic Latin dance which makes us burn about 500 calories per hour?

Invented some 10 years ago by the Colombian Beto Perez, the Zumba dance was born when Beto forgot to bring his music cassette to his gym class and so he decided to solve the problem by chaining a series of various musical pieces like salsa, reggae and others. Result: The Zumba dance was born.

The Zumba dance has many benefits out of which we mention the following:
– It helps work-out the abdominal and gluteal muscles; consequently, it helps soften the whole body.
– It helps strengthen the body’s balance.
– It facilitates keeping up as fit as possible.
– It enhances psychological well-being and chases out stress.

On the other hand, we should also pay attention to the following:
– Before you start a Zumba dance, it is imperative that you see your doctor who is the only person authorized to analyze your overall health status so that he/she can authorize or prohibit you from such a practice or advise you on the maximum time allowed in relation with your age and health status.
– Your coach should also be consulted, after your doctor, in order to confirm the duration and intensity of your workout.
– People suffering from joint problems and back pain should be careful when practicing the Zumba dance.
– An excessive practicing of the Zumba dance may also cause muscle aches. So, make sure to warm-up well and never force beyond your bodily limitations.

Finally, don’t forget to wear a pair of lightweight shoes with non-slip soles, in addition to a light and comfortable fit. Also, don’t forget to drink water as frequently as possible.

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