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8 tips for a healthy and tasty barbecue!

A barbecue is the ideal occasion for gathering around a grill that brings us fun, amusing and enjoyable times filled with lots of flavors. This being said, here are some easy to apply tips which help us join between pleasant moments and healthy eating during these welcomed evenings:

1 – To reduce the formation of harmful substances called heterocyclic amines (HCA), it is always better to marinate the meat (with herbs, spices, lemon juice, etc.) a few hours before cooking it on the barbecue.
2 – When cooked at very high temperatures, grilled meat develops carcinogenic hydrocarbons, especially when such products are in direct contact with the coals. To avoid such a situation, place the food to cook away from the coals (about 10 cm).
3 – We should reduce the intensity of the barbecue heat and keep on turning the meat as often as possible to avoid burning it. Also, we should never eat charred parts.
4 – We should avoid putting both grilled and raw meat in the same plate. Also, we should NEVER re-use the marinade in which raw meat was soaked.
5 – For your barbecue, you should pick lean pieces of meat from which all visible fat should be removed; Also, remove the skin from chicken before grilling it.
6 – A good tip would be to partially cook meat in the oven, and eliminate its cooking juice (which flows on the barbecue coals and promotes the formation of carcinogens) before finishing its grilling on the barbecue.
7 – Let’s try to have the meat accompanied with lots of vegetables of all kinds since these provide us with fibres and antioxidants that facilitate the neutralization and elimination of harmful AHCs.
8 – Finally, we should clean the barbecue grill after each use since the residues stuck on it are concentrated hydrocarbons which will contaminate food to be cooked during our next barbecue feast.

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