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Beware the “hidden side” of the list of ingredients!

When buying a food product, it is important for us to always check 3 fundamental groups of details displayed on the packaging: The list of ingredients, the nutritional facts, and of course the expiry date. This is important especially when we know that a number of manufacturers make us “dream” with their “magic slogans” they choose, most of the times, to just push us to choose their products. These 3 types of information mentioned above are in fact the “identity card” of a product; they provide us with an accurate and clear overview of its contents. They also allow us to compare it with a similar product so that we could choose the best for us in terms of its content in each of the ingredients that interest us, such as fibres for example.

This being said, and since this subject is vast and complex, we will only focus today on the list of ingredients:

1 – First, it’s good to know that a product’s ingredients are always listed in descending order.

2 – The ingredient whose content is the highest in a product is listed first, followed by with lower content ingredients, until we reach the ingredient whose content is the lowest.

3 – It is also essential to know that, in general, it is always recommended to avoid products whose ingredients list begins with fats or sugar!

4 – It is advisable as well to be wary of products having an ingredients list that is printed in tiny and almost indecipherable characters and which is located in a hidden part of the packaging or just over a fold of such package.

5 – Finally, it is better to try to avoid products having a too lengthy ingredients list and especially those lists packed with incomprehensible words and full of additives.

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