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9 easy steps to avoid poisoning with meat and poultry

– When we decide to buy meat and poultry from the supermarket, for example, we have to pick such items in the last stage of our shopping, just before leaving the place

– We must choose vividly colored pieces that have soft edges, which are free from dark spots and not smelly

– Also, the package in which such items are stored should have a cool surface when touched and should be free of any liquids, a thing that may be due to a conservation temperature change

– When ready for leaving the supermarket, and if we have to drive a long distance between that place and home (especially during hot weather), we should put meat and poultry in a custom insulated bag especially made for packing such items so that these remain cool and protected from any changes in temperature

– As soon as we arrive home, the first thing to do is to store meat and/or chicken, before the rest of the bought items: in the case of rapid consumption, these should be placed on the coldest shelf in the fridge, in a deep container and completely away from any other dish or product. In the case of storing for later consumption (with the exception of minced meat which should be consumed within 24 hours of purchase), we should sort meat and poultry in small portions that are commensurate with our needs and we must pack each of such portions separately in the fridge

– Before starting the meat and poultry cooking process, we must first clean up the entire work space to be used for the preparation and from which all clean containers or utensils must be removed in order to avoid contamination

– After washing hands thoroughly, we may cut the meat and poultry on a board that is specific to such items while being careful not to use the same board for preparing vegetables or fruits. I would also recommend using a glass board, not a wooden one, in order to avoid causing any scratches which contribute to contamination and the transfer of germs

– Meat and poultry must be well cooked while ensuring they are prepared at a temperature of 75 °C

– Once the cooking process is over, such items should be refrigerated after separating them from their “marinade” for a period of not more than an hour and a half. Afterwards, they should be stored again in the fridge… and Bon Appétit!

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