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I’m taking care of my nutrition; still, I took some weight… Why?!

In fact, and despite being careful in of the selection of foods you consume and although you’re eager not to overeat foods that are rich in sugar and saturated fat, you must have already had the occasion to stand on your scale, on a Monday morning, feeling proud of the accomplishments you have made for a whole week but… surprise! You become suddenly astonished and frustrated at the sight of the result! You feel amazed by the fact that not only you did not lose weight but, on the contrary, you gained an extra kilo or so. Is this possible? And what could be the problem, you may wonder? Is this excess kilogram real or is it the result of other things?

Generally speaking, and in order for us to gain one kilogram of fat, we have to consume around 7000 calories which are supplementary to the value of calories normally required and consumed. If we spread this value over the entire week, for example, we find that we have to consume some 1000 additional calories per day. However, and since that is not the case, and since you continuously paid attention to the quantity and quality of your food intake, then you should know that there are several other reasons that would lead to such a situation. The most important of such reasons are the following:

– Anxiety and stress: An exposure to anxiety and stress contributes in increasing cortisol in the body. This hormone enhances the value of water retention in the cells and thus leads us to gain some weight too.

– Salt: It is known that 9 grams of salt are capable of generating one kilogram in the form of water retention, and such a situation would last for up to 48 hours. Hence, try to recall if you have consumed some relatively salty food lately, or if you ate ready-made or canned foods, or simply some types of cheese or cured meat and so on.

– Bowel movement: If you usually suffer from constipation or from a lazy bowel movement, for instance, then you’ll notice this clearly when taking your weight on the scale from time to time. However, as soon as the initial case is over, this excess weight will also be resolved.

– The approach of the menstrual cycle: During such period, many girls and women suffer from disorders in the secretion of the Estrogen hormone, which would lead to some water retention which is usually obvious around the abdominal area. Thus, this leads to an increase in weight of up to 2 kilograms in some case. As a result, during such period, it is very useful to pay attention to the amount of salt you consume.

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