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True/False (Part 1)

Do you think it’s better to add salt directly in our plate?

FALSE… Salt should be added while cooking! This helps us have an accentuated salty taste by just adding a small quantity of salt while cooking. On the other hand, when salt is added directly in our plate, this encourages us to add a higher quantity than desired and this will give us a continuous habit of using the salt shaker unintentionally. Finally, I suggest that we all get used of removing the salt shaker from the table so that we won’t be tempted by its presence!

Is it true that cholesterol is found in an egg white?

FALSE… It is found in the egg yolk. Indeed, the egg white does not contain any fat or cholesterol. On the other hand, the egg yolk contains lipids, essential fatty acids and cholesterol. Those of us who need to pay attention to their consumption of eggs, either due to a high cholesterol level or for weight loss reasons, may eat 2 egg whites and only 1 egg yolk (hence, exclude the second egg yolk from the plate). The weekly frequency depends on the dietary needs of each person. This is defined by your doctor or your diet specialist. One last tip: when preparing an omelet or a cake, for example, and to reduce cholesterol and calorie levels, we could use all the egg white that is needed and just 1 or 2 egg yolks. Be assured, the taste would not change at all.

Does decaffeinated coffee contain caffeine?

TRUE… In fact, decaffeinated coffee does contains caffeine but in very small quantities. So be careful not to abuse from it (especially for those wishing to avoid the evils of caffeine) since a high daily consumption of such decaffeinated coffee will result in nullifying its benefits.


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