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Do you know the size of a serving of green beans?

Green beans, which belong to the family of legumes, are among the foods that are very precious to many of us. Every year, at this same time, and with the arrival of spring, street vendors invade both sides of public ways and incite us to buy such green beans which would delight our evening gatherings, especially while watching football games. In addition to this, it is possible for us to prepare several “spring” dishes with green beans, such as beans with rice, bourghol or coriander, etc.

So, what are the key nutritional benefits of green beans?

– Green beans are rich in vegetable proteins and fibers, they contain carbohydrates and are a good source of minerals (iron, potassium, phosphorus) and vitamins (vitamin B); in addition, they are characterized by their low fat content.

– Green beans may well be an excellent “snack”. Indeed, a serving of green beans equals to half a cup of bean pieces or 8-10 bean fingers of medium size.

– These beans may also be beneficial to the health of the heart and arteries since they contribute to increasing the good cholesterol level in the blood.

– They also help in the absorption of carbohydrates and provide a strong and lengthy sense of satiety due to their high fiber content which is not absorbed by the body.

– Green beans are an appropriate substitute to meat for vegetarians; this is because of their high content in vegetable proteins.

– People suffering from digestive, stomach or intestines problems should consult their doctor who would tell them how and how much of beans they are allowed to consume. Also, people suffering from “favism”, caused by a deficit in the G-6-PD enzyme, should unfortunately completely abstain from eating beans.

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