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Fresh or frozen vegetables?! Which are to prefer?

Do you feel that frozen vegetables have lost their vitamin content? Is it preferable to consume fresh vegetables? Well, surprise yourself! In fact, and with the exception of a certain loss in the content of vitamins B1 and C due to the blanching process, the vitamins and minerals content in frozen vegetables is almost similar, if not higher (especially in the case of vitamins A and E), to that in fresh vegetables since such vitamins are weakened and partly destroyed by their extended storage, their exposure to light and open air, etc. while the freezing process, which is faster (it is usually done just after their harvesting), preserves the nutritional quality of vegetables.

On the other hand, and in order to maintain optimal levels of vitamins, it is advised that you do not leave fresh vegetables in the fridge for too long and that you wash them under running water rather than soak them. Peel them to a minimum, and cook them by way of steaming or in a small quantity of water.


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