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Avoiding foodborne infections in the kitchen

Avoiding food poisoning in the kitchen

It is possible for us to avoid food poisoning in the kitchen by adopting some precise and useful rules of hygiene. Some of these are the following:

– Make it a habit to wash your refrigerator every 15 days with a light bleach or vinegar solution.

– In the fridge, do not mix raw foods brought from the outside with cooked ready-to-eat food. Put each product in the compartment that is dedicated to it.

– Don’t let food remains hang too long in the fridge. Cooked food can be stored up to 3 days only in the fridge. The more it is kept there, the more it would contain germs. The taste and appearance of food is not always an indication of its validity!

– Always wash your hands thoroughly before preparing food and especially after handling raw foods.

– Throw away your wooden cutting board since microbes nestle into the grooves and multiply despite the fact that you wash it after each use. Instead, go for a glass cutting board.

– Change the wiping cloth frequently as dirty clothes contaminate whatever they are used to wipe.

– The sponge is a real reservoir for germs. We have to change it as often as possible.

– Wash the trash bin at least once a week with bleach.


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