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You say you don’t add salt to your plate?

Salt is everywhere… Even in sweet products and water!

With the exception of sugar and oil essentially, salt is present naturally in various quantities in all types of foods. In fact, all foods, whether homemade or industrial, are salted in various proportions and are considered the primary source of salt in our plates.

For your information, what follows is a list of foods that are high in salt: meat and derived products (especially delicatessen), canned or frozen cooked fish, smoked fish, shellfish and crustaceans, olives, cheese, all kinds of soups, sauces and other industrial condiments, chips, snacks and appetizer biscuits, popcorn, ready-made meals, bread and cereal products (biscuits, breakfast cereals), pastries, cakes, confectionery and some mineral waters (Vichy, Badoit among others).

Finally, the following list includes some detailed examples of the aforementioned foods with their salt content. Let’s point out that 400 mg sodium = 1 gram of salt.

Mg of sodium in 100 g of food:
Mustard = 2360 mg of sodium
Mayonnaise = 458
Ketchup = 1400
Tomato sauce = 668
Pesto sauce = 1020
Soy sauce = 6260 (i.e. 376 mg in a teaspoon)
Capers = 2240
Pickled gherkin = 551
Black olives = 900
Green olives = 1110
Cheese = 400 – 2000 (Parmesan 913 – Feta 1240 – Roquefort 1560)
Baked ham = 829
Sausage = 1890
Surimi sticks = 670
Smoked salmon = 1140
Dehydrated meat stock = 460
Usual baguette bread = 681
Usual sandwich bread = 498
Toast = 484
Chips = 662
Popcorn = 884
Peanuts = 374


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