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Holidays and vacations!! 4 mistakes to avoid!!

We often tend, during holidays and vacations, to unknowingly commit a few dietary errors. Indeed, this can happen for several reasons (discussed below) that can’t always be justified. Therefore, we must be aware that holidays and vacations should never be synonymous to food imbalance. Hence, we have to try to stay aware of such festive moments, since the opposite would often bring us a heavy burden we would feel just a few days later.

Here are some tips to help us avoid such common mistakes and to stay in shape during these festive moments:

– First and foremost, we should never feel guilty if we ate excessively – We must accept the truth that holidays are a terrific time of the year during which we have to socialize and allow ourselves some “well controlled excesses”. Feeling guilty would make us depressed, discouraged, and could lead us to “jump” on food especially if we are from those whose emotions directly affect their dietary habits.

– We should not deprive ourselves of any “good things”! We should be careful on this since such deprivation (even if we think we have a strong will) can and will, in a very short time, see us throwing ourselves on a variety of foods which we refused earlier. Therefore, it is better for us to eat one piece of “Maamool”, for example, with friends rather than swallowing 5 or 6 pieces once we reach home.

– We should not accept food just to please our close friend or our aunt or grandmother who insist that we taste the foods they prepared. We should be firm if we really don’t want such food or we could say that we feel a stomach pain and that this is harmful to us.

– We should not exclusively focus on sweet and fatty things. Let’s not forget that having fun is not just about sweets… fruits and vegetables can be fun as well. In fact, vegetables can still be crunchy and delicious as a starter and fruits can also make a refreshing break in the middle of the afternoon.

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