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This is about alcohol!!!

Do we know the whole truth about it?

When with friends or the family, during the holidays or weekends, we almost always meet around a drink. As such, alcohol plays an important role in our social gatherings. But let’s try to discuss what we often ignore about alcohol:
– Alcohol is a calorie-bearing beverage: 1 gram of alcohol provides 7 calories, and such calories are called “void” since they are devoid of any kind of nutrients. This makes it a “drink” that is completely insignificant for our body.
– The consumption of alcohol reduces the ability of our system to eliminate fats and thus promotes their accumulation, mainly around the abdomen, a situation that can be clearly seen on heavy beer drinkers.
– Alcohol stimulates our appetite, because the more we drink, the more we eat.
– Alcohol does not quench; on the contrary, it dehydrates.
– Alcohol does not provide us warmth, because our bodily temperature drops half a degree per fraction of 50 g of alcohol absorbed, as our body uses energy to treat alcohol. Thus, the sensation of heat that we may experience is simply due to the dilation of blood vessels under the skin.
– The toxicity of alcohol does not decrease when we dissolve it in water because the quantity of alcohol consumed remains the same.

Finally, let’s remember that water – whether mineral, spring or tap – is the only drink that contains zero (0) calorie and that is essential to our body.

That being said, it is totally legitimate for us to give ourselves a treat from time to time, without abusing of course… We really need it! However, such a treat should be avoided in case of pregnancy, breastfeeding, medication taking, liver disease or other serious diseases or situations or as directed by the attending physician. Be aware that alcohol has influence over the effect of certain medications; for this reason, we must always report any alcohol consumption when visiting our doctor.


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