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Kiwi… A super-fruit to consume all year long

A powerful anti-cancer
Kiwi fruit has a significant antioxidant activity. It contains polyphenols, carotenes and a decent quantity of vitamin E, making it a powerful food against certain types of cancer.

Low in calories
The kiwi is low in calories and has a high satiety power. It is thus ideal for those wishing to lose weight.

Rich in vitamin C
The kiwi is richer in vitamin C than oranges. When taken at breakfast, it provides you with a quantity of vitamin C that’s enough to fulfill your daily needs, a thing that helps boost our immune system.

This famous fruit is rich in fiber (hemi-cellulose in the pulp and pectins in the seeds). This makes it much sought after for intestinal transit and to cure mild constipation; hence, this is a good way to wake up a sluggish bowel.

Moreover, it is necessary to wash the kiwi fruit by way of brushing it so that to remove most of the pesticides that reside on its skin. Also, if you decide to taste the skin of the kiwi, it is best then to pick organic kiwis.

To know if the kiwi is ripe, it should be soft to the touch. Caution! It must be neither too soft nor spotty.

Finally, beware! The kiwi is a fruit that may cause oral allergies!


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