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Drinking water while eating?

“We should not drink water while eating, since it makes us fat”. You’ve heard already this sentence a thousand times right? You think this is true? Well … NO. This is a mere “misconception” that is completely false. We can drink water at any time of the day, when we are thirsty and whenever we wish, even during meals. This does NOT make us fat. Drinking water only between meals does NOT make us lose weight either. In fact, we should keep remembering that plain water (with no added alcohol, syrup, fruit juice, etc.) provides no calories at all.

Health-wise, this issue is considered on a case by case basis. For example, people who tend to be constipated may find the fact of drinking water during meals to be beneficial to facilitate bowel movement. On the other hand, those of us having a slow digestive cycle accompanied with stomach discomfort are advised not to drink during meals since water consumption along with foods dilutes the enzymes, thereby making them less efficient when digested. Such people should drink at other times between meals (before or after meals).

Finally, I advise you to always vary the mineral water brands that you buy because each contains different types of minerals. By doing so, you’ll have a good combination of minerals.


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